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Overview of our Anti-Fatigue Mat Selection

The world's leading antimicrobial anti-fatigue mat & is the solution for all industries.

Anti-fatigue mats are economical mats for any standing application.

The thickest economical anti-fatigue mat for standing applications.

Hog Heaven Confetti 5/8"
Ideal for industrial, commercial, retail applications

Hog Heaven Confetti 7/8"
Thicker than the 5/8s mat and perfect for the same applications.

Hog Heaven Marble Top 5/8"
allows workers to pivot freely - perfect for industrial and medical

Hog Heaven Marble Top 7/8"
Thicker than the 5/8s mat and perfect for the same applications.

Hog Heaven Plush 5/8"
Best for bellman stand, copier station, concierge,registration & shipping desks

Hog Heaven Plush 7/8"
Designed for maximum worker comfort while keeping people happy

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HOG HEAVEN 7/8" anti-fatigue mats are the ideal mat options for any standing application if you need the thickest level of cushioning. Running as the thickest of the Hog Heaven mats with .75" of PVC cushioning and the same nitrile rubber surface as all Hog Heavens. This mat can also be used in wet and dry areas. Availabe in solid black mat, or with a striped border 4 available colors.

See What Our Customers Have Said About Our Products Over the Years

July 31, 2014-Thank you...I'm going to keep you in my contacts, and be back in touch when we're ready to order some more. :) Thank you for all your help and efficiency!
Jen-Cincinnati, OH

July 16, 2014-We received it! Love it! Will order from your company again! Thank you for your excellent customer service!
Farrah-Longview, TX

May 1, 2014- Thank you! Very fast service. The other ones arrived and are already in place.
Paige-Rancho Mirage, CA

April 4, 2014- I was just letting you know that I received excellent service and an excellent product.
Molly-Des Moines, IA

February 20, 2014-FedEx just dropped off the 2'x6' mat...and IT IS GREAT!

Kurt-Alexandria, MN

December 16, 2013-Just wanted you to know what a great company you have and your attention to detail and making it happen on a moments notice is outstanding.

Nancy, IL

December 16, 2013- Thanks Diane! The customer absolutely LOVED the mats by the way!!!

Merry Christmas!

Regards, Christie, VA

December 3, 2013- We just appreciate everything you've done. I'll definitely keep your email if I have another mat come through to order. It's not a major selling point in our store but had a special request for one. Thanks for the excellent customer service!

Stacy Wofford

Office Everything

June 20, 2013

We got it(Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mat), Diane and we are in Hog Heaven!

Thank you!

Best Regards,


Sonoma, CA

July 8, 2013

You are great! I will advise the client and give them your name as far as ordering any additional units that they will need.

Thank you,


Woodinville, WA

July 3, 2013

Your mat just arrived - we are very pleased !! It is just what we wanted. Please relay our sincere thanks to all who helped. And - of course - a special thanks to you for being so patient and courteous throughout the process.

Thanks again,


Goliad, TX

April 10, 2013

We have received our rug and we love it!!!!! Thank you for your help.

May D.

Blackshear, GA

October 4, 2011:
Excellent! Thanks again for being so accommodating to work with! The mat looks wonderful and will add so much to our locker room. I will be sure to contact you if we ever need anything in the future or to recommend your company, thanks!

Head Coach Lakeville South
Private Skating Instructor
Lakeville, MN

October 3, 2011:


Blessings, Lieutenant Claudia Simmons
Joliet, IL

September 20, 2011:
The process was very easy and the rug came out great. Thanks for all your help.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

September 27, 2011:
This is our first experience with your company and it was A+ all the way. Keep up the fine job you all are doing. Hopefully I will return, but I will pass the company's name on to friends.
Your service was and is appreciated.
-Carol Moldenhauer
Bella Vista, AR

February 9, 2011:

"The mat is PERFECT! If another order like this comes in you will be the first person that I call. I am extremely impressed with the service from Ultimate Mats and your kindness. I look forward to working with you again."
Tampa, FL