ULTIMATE MATS provides you with your favorite selections of anti fatigue mats, custom logo mats, and entrance mats with no haggling & gives you the BEST PRICES and services UPFRONT.

Logo Mats provide you with a multitude of benefits ranging from assisting in maintaining a clean workplace to adding a bit of personal style and branding to your building. The importance of an entrance mat is vital to every business and combining the costs of advertising your name with a necessity such as an entry mat, you will have already made a great purchase saving you money and making your business stand out a little more than all the rest!
WaterHog Inlay Custom Logo Mat WaterHogTM Logo Inlay custom logo mats offer you the leading entry mat with your company logo by cutting multiple color carpets and arranging them in our inlay process to create your image. WaterHog Logo Inlay mats are great at collecting dirt due to the well structured design and hold an amazing 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. These durable custom logo mats work great at entrances, counters, drink stations, in front of freezers, or any high traffic area, wet or dry, and are easy to clean.

Classic Impressions Custom Logo RugClassic ImpressionsTM custom logo mats are the perfect logo mats for all of your lower traffic areas. Reproduction of fine details, shading and 3-D images are easily achieved when printed with a state-of-the-art digital printers. Your custom logo mat will stand out with our wide variety of colors and sizes.

SuperScrape Impressions Custom Logo Mat SuperScrape Impressions custom logo mats allow you to have your logo be the first thing you see before you walk into your facility. It's all rubber scraper structure helps start the eliminating of dirt and water before getting to the door. Your custom logo mat is created with your logo digitally printed and UV safe to make sure it lasts!

Entry Mats are designed to stop dirt, dust, and moisture from entering a building; however, many entry mats do a poor job of trapping anything. The WaterHog line of entry mats has mastered the design with it's rubber reinforced face nubs to produce a scraping tool that will never crush. WaterHog is also famous for it's unique raised rubber "water dam" border that traps dirt & water, preventing it from tracking throughout your building.

WaterHog Classic Entrance Mat WaterHogTM Classic entry mats are well structured entry mats with rubber reinforced face nubs and a waffle design that provides crush proof scraping action. It's highly durable rubber border makes it the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor entry mat applications. Choose the mat that is best for your from our wide variety of colors and sizes.

WaterHog Fashion Entrance Mat WaterHogTM Fashion entry mats are simply an expansion of the WaterHog Classic mat, only with the added feature of the fashioned fabric border on top of the rubber "water dam". Choose the mat that's best for you from our wide variety of colors and sizes.

WaterHog Grand Classic entrance Mat
WaterHog Grand Classic entry mats give you exceptional beauty for your entry way. Known for more than just its good looks, the WaterHog Grand Classic entry mats work hard at trapping dirt with its WaterHog structure. Choose from 3 beautiful configurations to perfectly fit your building.

Anti Fatigue Mats promote employee wellness, increase productivity and employee morale due to work place comfort. Using an anti fatigue mat in your work place will greatly reduce spinal compression and increase circulation resulting in an increase in worker productivity and a reduction of worker's compensation claims.

Ortho 1 Anti Fatigue Mat
Ortho I Anti Fatigue Mats are the best combination of comfort and anti fatigue capabilities within a durable and easy to clean mat. Impervious to liquids, this mat will work in both wet and dry areas and cannot be damaged by harsh chemicals or cleaners. Our selection of Ortho mats come in standard sizes, stock sizes, runners, and custom shape/sizes.

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