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ORTHO I Stock Sizes
Anti-Fatigue Mats

ORTHO I mats are the softest, most comfortable mats on the planet. Ergonomically designed for maximum slip resistance and comfort, this doctor- and chiropractor-recommended mat reduces spinal compression and back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue.

This no-slip mat tested 40% higher than any other sponge mat by the National Flooring Institute. Safe for areas where water is present, the ORTHO I is also impervious to vegetable and animal fats, chemicals and petroleum products.

Each ORTHO I is American-made using closed-cell, virgin Nitrile rubber with an antimicrobial compound to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Cleanup is easy with standard cleaners. Ammonia, chlorine bleach and steam cleaning up to 250 degrees wont damage materials.

We offer several ways to customize the right mat for your workplace. Choose from black, gray or terra cotta in a mat designed with or without holes. Select one of 6 different bevel configurations with a smooth or textured top to create the ideal mat for every location.

When safety and comfort are the highest priorities, trust safe, lightweight, medically recommended ORTHO I mats.

  • Closed-cell, virgin Nitrile rubber cleans up with standard cleaners

  • Medically endorsed for increased circulation and reduced leg, back and ankle fatigue

  • Guaranteed against premature wear and workmanship defects for two years

  • Closed-cell construction wont take on water

  • Withstands steam cleaning, chemicals, animal and vegetable fats and petroleum products

  • Certified non-slip by the National Flooring Institute

  • Built-in antimicrobial treatment resists mold, mildew and bacteria growth
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ORTHO I, the softest most comfortable mat on the planet, comes in the following stock sizes. Stock sizes normally ship 2-3 days from date of order.

Click on the PTMA or size to link to product page.
PTMA 202434 20"x24"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 203334

20"x33"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 224834

22"x48"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 227234

22"x72"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 243634

24"x36"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 244234

24"x42"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 303634

30"x36"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 363634

36"x36"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 364234

36"x42"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 366034

36"x60"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 424834

42"x48"x3/4" Ortho I


PTMA 427234

42"x72"x3/4" Ortho I


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ORTHO I PTMA 202434 20InX24InX3/4In  - anti fatigue mats ORTHO I PTMA 203334 20InX33InX3/4In  - anti fatigue mats ORTHO I PTMA 243634 24InX36InX3/4In  - anti fatigue mats
ORTHO I PTMA 244234 24InX42InX3/4In  - anti fatigue mats ORTHO I PTMA 303634 30InX36InX3/4In  - anti fatigue mats ORTHO I PTMA 224834 22InX48InX3/4In  - anti fatigue mats
ORTHO I PTMA 363634 36InX36InX3/4In  - anti fatigue mats ORTHO I PTMA 364234 36InX42InX3/4In  - anti fatigue mats ORTHO I PTMA 227234 22InX72InX3/4In  - anti fatigue mats